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Water Treatment unit

The Aqua WTU is a complete reverse osmosis water treatment system designed to operate in either a direct feed format, supplying up to 5 dialysis machines, or with a treated water tank for alternative applications. Read More


ONLINE Haemodiafiltration (ONLINE HDF) is increasingly being recognised as the most advanced haemodialysis treatment modality that improves patient outcomes through a number of clinical advantages. These benefits indicate that ONLINE HDF induces less endothelial dysfunction, thereby facilitating Cardioprotective Haemodialysis Read More

Dialysis Consumables

  • FX Dialyzers
  • Acid Concentrates
  • Blood Lines
  • Catheters
  • PD Fluid
  • Poliparin
  • Read More


The COMTEC® Apheresis System is a multi-procedural Apheresis platform built with advance technology to provide immunoadsorption, lipoprotein apheresis, cell exchange, cell depletion and cell collection. Read More

Peritoneal Dialysis

The Sleep Safe system has been specifically designed to help patients get a good night’s sleep for a better day tomorrow. Quiet operation, minimal treatment discomfort and a comprehensive set of safety features ensure your patients sleep well. Read More

Infusion Pump Technologies

Fresenius Kabi’s infusion devices are used to introduce infusion solutions. Syringe pumps precisely administer small quantities (0.1 to 200 milliliters per hour) while volumetric infusion pumps are used to deliver larger quantities (1 to 1,500 milliliters per hour). Read More

Pneumatic Tube System

Aerocom Pneumatic Tube Systems are used to transport materials safely and efficiently between two or more points. Aerocom Pneumatic Tube System allows your staff to channel their time and energy on more important tasks rather than running errands. Read More

Renal Pharmaceuticals

Sorbisterit: Sorbisterit is used in the treatment of hyperkalemia (raised blood potassium content), in patients who have kidney problems and those on dialysis (removal of waste products from the blood Read More