pneumatic tube system

Aerocom Pneumatic Tube Systems are used to transport materials safely and efficiently between two or more points. Aerocom Pneumatic Tube System allows your staff to channel their time and energy on more important tasks rather than running errands.

Aerocom Pneumatic Tube System has diverse application in retail, manufacturing, healthcare, entertainment, industry and commerce. Blood samples, lab results, drugs, x-ray films, bulk cash, documents, raw materials, spare parts are few of many items that can be transported with Aerocom Pneumatic Tube System.

Aerocom Pneumatic Tube System can transport items up to 28kg at a speed of 6 – 8 m/sec. Aerocom Pneumatic Tube System has a user friendly interface.

We installed an eleven station pneumatic tube system at the Cedarcrest Hospital, Abuja.