Apheresis Machine


COM.TEC® Apheresis System

The COMTEC® Apheresis System is a multi-procedural Apheresis platform built with advance technology to provide immunoadsorption, lipoprotein apheresis, cell exchange, cell depletion and cell collection.

Therapeutic Exchange

  • Therapeutic Plasma Exchange
  • Therapeutic Red Cell Exchange or Depletion

Cell Collection

  • Collection of peripheral blood stem cells
  • Collection of Platelet
  • Collection of Monocytes, Lymphocytes and Granulocytes

Cell Depletion

  • Depletion of Red Cells
  • Depletion of Platelet
  • Depletion of Mononuclear (White Blood) Cells


  • Therapeutic plasma treatment with connected column or filter
  • Immunoadsorption using LIGASORB® and IgEnio®


  • Bone marrow stem cell processing in-vitro

Lipoprotein Apheresis

  • Compatible with DALI ®