Apheresis Machine


COM.TEC® Apheresis System

The COMTEC® Apheresis System is a multi-procedural Apheresis platform built with advance technology to provide immunoadsorption, lipoprotein apheresis, cell exchange, cell depletion and cell collection.

Therapeutic Exchange
Therapeutic Plasma Exchange
Therapeutic Red Cell Exchange or Depletion

Cell Collection
Collection of peripheral blood stem cells
Collection of Platelet
Collection of Monocytes, Lymphocytes and Granulocytes

Cell Depletion
Depletion of Red Cells
Depletion of Platelet
Depletion of Mononuclear (White Blood) Cells

Therapeutic plasma treatment with connected column or filter
Immunoadsorption using LIGASORB® and IgEnio®

Bone marrow stem cell processing in-vitro

Lipoprotein Apheresis
Compatible with DALI ®